Extraordinary Land. Extraordinary Spaces. Extraordinary Ideas.

The Business In

Mojave, CA is much bigger than you may think. And offers dozens of businesses that can help you, both locally and internationally.

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The High Tech In

Mojave High Tech

Big Place, Bigger Ideas. Mojave has some of the brightest, most talented people in the nation. With Space and Technical Wizardry, Mojave is growing very fast in many technical arenas.

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The Natural & Scenic In

Mojave is beautiful. And the MOST beautiful parts are in the Mojave National Preserve, East of Mojave beginning as close as 13 miles. Let us show you the wonders the Preserve offers.

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The Adventure In

Adventures in Mojave

Adventures come in many forms. From a quiet Star Party to a more adrenaline-rush Helicopter ride, you will find them all here. Check out the Adventures page.

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